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Originally Posted by CBJBrassard16 View Post
If the NYR buy out Richards, he would likely be a cheap get because he'd be making tons already, I'd love for us to snag him if he's cheap on a 1 year deal or 2 year deal.
He may come "cheap" but I doubt he'll be easy. Let's not get silly. He may be producing like a second line player instead of a top line player, but there will still be a market for him.

He's probably not in line for another career ending contract, but he'll still get good money and there are teams that would be happy with his production for a longer contract that two years in the hopes they get the old Richards back.

I suppose it could happen if Richards wanted a specific location in an attempt to win a Cup and re-establish himself as an elite player. Only Richards can answer those questions, but there will be teams in the NHL that won't mind a 4 year 20+ million dollar (probably on the low end) deal.

This thought that he'll give himself away because he got 2/3's of his old contract is pretty much a pipe dream, if for no other reason than the NHLPA would be pretty annoyed if he signed significantly under value.

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