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05-23-2013, 02:22 PM
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Originally Posted by s7ark View Post
Perhaps I am wrong and Lazar or Horvat will become a top 2 C. But we shouldn't be banking on that. Neither of those guys are consistently ranked in the top 10 on most draft lists. I remember way back in the day when Ryan O'Marra was the safest pick in the draft and would turn into a physical 3C bare minimum, with a really solid chance of being a 2C. Things don't always work out that way.

If the Oilers want to take Horvat or Lazar then they should trade down. Taking either of those guys at 7 is exactly the same as taking Moroz last year. Taking a player they like higher than they should.

Of course, I don't think they should trade down at all. I think they should trade up for Barkov, and failing that, take whoever falls to them out of Nichushkin, Lindholm or Monahan.
What makes you think they won't be a perfect fit on the Oil. Put a center who is strong on the puck, gritty, physical and awesome defensively between Hall/Yakupov/Eberle and how isn't that exactly what we need. Clearly having a skill guy like Gagner isnt doing it. It's not like Horvat or Lazar don't have offensive capabilities either.

We have so much top end talent on the wings, I don't think we are so desperate for a 2A center like some suggest. We just need some players to do some heaving lifting, not score 80 pts. If we can get a Lindholm or Monahan, perfect. But when trying to fill a 2nd line center role, I really don't see the drop off being that big when talking about Horvat or Lazar. I see these guys definitely being a top 6 center and worst case scenerio being a 3rd line center or winger.

Do you really see Lazar or Horvat being no better than what Horcoff is for us now in their prime? Or actually turning into O'Marra 2.0?

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