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Originally Posted by HatTrick Swayze View Post
Spot on with my thinking. I would love for Step and Brass to take the torch next season. But banking on it with no backup plan seems like a typical move that could spell real trouble for next season.

At the same time it's really a given that Richards has to be bought out this summer. Don't see him getting better in NY due to mental weight of it all and injury fears.
I think you have to go with Step and Brass. We would be no worse off then we are now in my opinion. An extra 6.6 mil in cap space can go a long way. People that are saying its not a great FA market seem to be forgetting that a good chunk of players will be bought out by their teams. Not all of them are bought out for sucking like Richie, but bought out because teams cant handle their cap hit. There will be some decent players in FA. I think you stick with the young guys and go through the growing pains. Brass is 25 or 26 I think and Step is 22. They've been inconsistent throughout their careers but I can see them finally making that step to produce consistently.

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