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Originally Posted by dnicks17 View Post
I'm only talking Lazar/Horvat if Monahan isn't on the board. I don't know enough about Lindholm to say if I'd rather him over Lazar/Horvat. As for Nichushkin, I think he would be an absolutely disastrous pick, so I don't even consider him.

I don't see any point trading down if Monahan isn't on the board. Take the player you want. Don't trade down two or three spots, get a 3rd rounder in return and pray your player is still on the board.
My issue is with taking Lazar/Horvat over Lindholm. Lindholm may not be huge, but he's strong, and he could be an absolute dynamite player. What if(knock on wood) RNH has recurring shoulder issues. Would you rather have Lindholm as plan B or Lazar/Horvat.

I am not sure why you are so down on Nich. Many scouts say he's right there with the top of the draft in terms of potential.

Originally Posted by BarDownBobo View Post
100% agree with this. I highly doubt Monahan goes past Calgary, but with Feaster in charge anything could happen there. Odds are it'll be between Nichushkin and Lindholm at 7, and I'd be good with either.
I'd be fine with that too. I hope that is what the Oilers do. I am just not sure that they won't trade down to grab the guy who plays under their nose just because they've seen him the most.

Originally Posted by Kyle Brodziak View Post
What makes you think they won't be a perfect fit on the Oil. Put a center who is strong on the puck, gritty, physical and awesome defensively between Hall/Yakupov/Eberle and how isn't that exactly what we need. Clearly having a skill guy like Gagner isnt doing it. It's not like Horvat or Lazar don't have offensive capabilities either.

We have so much top end talent on the wings, I don't think we are so desperate for a 2A center like some suggest. We just need some players to do some heaving lifting, not score 80 pts. If we can get a Lindholm or Monahan, perfect. But when trying to fill a 2nd line center role, I really don't see the drop off being that big when talking about Horvat or Lazar. I see these guys definitely being a top 6 center and worst case scenerio being a 3rd line center or winger.

Do you really see Lazar or Horvat being no better than what Horcoff is for us now in their prime? Or actually turning into O'Marra 2.0?
O'Marra put up good junior numbers and no one thinks a 1st round listed player is going to bust pre draft. That is why they are a 1st round listed player. My points were that it happens, and suggesting that it's impossible that Lazar or Horvat could bust is a mistake. 2003 was the deepest draft in forever and we still pulled a bust out of the 1st round.

We should trade up for the name we want or take whichever of Jones, MacKinnon, Drouin, Barkov, Monahan, Nichushkin, or Lindholm reaches 7.

If we really like a Nurse/Risto/Horvat/Lazar, then try to package our 2nds and a good young player/prosepct for a later 1st.

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