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Originally Posted by HiggsBozon View Post
People should stop underrating Boston.

Boston is not an "average" team. It's a force to deal with, a real strong, complete team with all mixes of ingredients in their cocktail. They have the makeup of a Championship team.

They have a solid goaltender in Rask.
A franchise d-man in Chara.
Good puck-moving types in Hamilton and Seidenberg.
Good, solid, rough defensive ds in Ference, McQuaid and Boychuk.
The best 4th line in the league (Paille - Campbell - Thornton)
A great complementary 3rd line who can chip in AND play good defense (Jagr - Kelly - Peverley)
Two very good scoring lines (Seguin - Bergeron - Marchand and Lucic - Krejci - Horton) with size, skills, sniping and physicality, along with some complete players)
A very, very good coach in Julien
And all of them play in a team first concept. They are held accountable and are standing up for each other like any big family would.

They have as good a team as the LA Kings. I wouldn't be surprised if they won it all again this season.
I agree and disagree. Boston is one of the better teams in the east, but the east as a conference is weak as a whole. In a 7 game series with a healthy Boston matching up against a healthy Montreal, I am very skeptical as to whether Boston wins that series. In fact, I would be confident in Montreal's chances despite the completely different constructions of the team.

Boston's season has been up and down. They were great first half, okay to poor in the second half. We saw the same team problems when they played the Leafs in the first round, which is that speed kills their team. The Toronto forwards, like the Habs forwards repeatedly showed how fragile Boston's system is when you come in with speed: constant turnovers in the defensive end and the inability to have a clean break-out counter attack, which imo is a much bigger part of their offensive game then their cycle game, Boston is extremely effective scoring off a counter attack rush, this part of their offensive game (their biggest part) often gets over looked because of the Big-bad Bruins discourse. Boston despite it's size a very skilled team with Bergeron, Krecji, Marchand, Peverley and to a certain extent Horton.

The 2013 Boston team imo is not at the same level as the cup winning team. They had better depth with Ryder and Recchi. Jagr is good, but doesn't fit the style of the current Bruins team. However, with Krug and Bartowski developing well and looking like they're ready, along with Hamilton, the Boston D core becomes much more intriguing, moving towards a more mobile, pucking moving D core, than a stifling, space-eliminating physical one. Ironically, moving towards the puck moving D core has Boston looking much better as a team then it did in the second half of the season and the first round against the leafs.

They're a good team, but I don't think they are in the same class as Pittsburgh, Detroit or LA...they're close, but they are not there yet and are still very vulnerable, especially with Rask in net, who while is one of the best goaltenders in the league, is still very beatable and doesn't have the same clutchness in my opinion that Thomas does, which put that 2011 Boston over the edge.

Like I said, a healthy Montreal team against a healthy Boston team, I'd give the odds to Montreal, despite the Bruins being "built for playoff hockey."

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