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05-23-2013, 03:57 PM
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I just don't see why teams will give up on their good young talent, Ottawa wouldn't. I doubt there will be too many good players available this summer regardless of the cap coming down teams will find a way to get good players under the cap. What we will see are guys who are cap problems for teams like Richards & Luongo & older guys who could help veteran teams but not teams looking to get younger.

I was thinking of a guy like Tomas Fleischmann LW who was rumoured to be available at the trade deadline. I don't think he would be too expensive, he has a very manageable contract with one yr left on it & he has a track record of putting up points. Fleischmann - Spezza - Michalek would be a good line for a couple of yrs until Silfverberg & Stone are ready to move up to the top line. He is under 30 yrs old, has decent size & has had a couple of 50 pt seasons. I also think we have players in Bingo for the bottom six & on defence moving forward.
Some teams are too close to the cap, others are failing to perform and that is what leads those organizations to move good young players. Good young players have high market value and can garner a strong return which can situate an organization in a more favorable position for a Cup run down the line.

You can't simply try and trade your old or least talented players and expect to garner much of a return.You have to give up something valuable in order to get something valuable in return.

Look at Vancouver for example. They are likely going to have a major shake up in the off season. Part of that shake up could potentially be trading the Sedin twins. If they end up trading the Sedin twins, it isn't because they didn't/don't add value to the organization, it is because they could get a huge return for them. That return could eventually help them win a Cup.

Also, why is it that you think that Ottawa wouldn't be willing to move their good young talent? There is already evidence that would suggest the contrary in terms of the speculated offer to Columbus for Rick Nash.