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Originally Posted by bb_fan View Post
Did he? Or did feaster?

The point is if you only want to go to one team and you have the final say then tell the GM that one team.

If you tell the gm multiple teams then you accept where you get sent of those teams.

Whether feaster it Iggy made the list... if they didn't intend to honor it then someone is dealing in bad faith.
Making a list isn't the final word on Iggy's destination, Iggy waiving his NTC clause is. And also, no one was in the wrong here. Calgary wanted to get the best return for Iginla, they aren't just going to tell the Penguins that they are Iginla's only option, otherwise they would only be offered a mediocre draft pick. The only people in the wrong here were the members of the Bruins organization who leaked that Iginla was going to Boston.

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