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Originally Posted by Ruckus007 View Post

... I completely agree with this point. In the end, Weber is a certain kind of player (bottom pair, defensive defensemen). I obviously don't think Mike Weber and Joe Corvo are interchangeable in terms of style, but in terms of role, they're at least closer. Certainly there are other types as you rightly mentioned but in the end, the bottom of the defensive depth chart on most teams have players that are generally interchangeable, so, IMO, I don't really consider them to be that important to an organization. To bring bring it back to the original topic; I'm not interested in repeating the Rivet captaincy. Lastly, I cannot let you get away with this...
You agree with the difference, but then revert to calling them interchangeable.

Corvo and Weber are not interchangeable. One succeeds on the "bottom pairing" (hate that term too) as a defensive defensemen, d zone starts, PK, physical, bla bla bla... the other succeeds, sort of, on the bottom pair, getting ozone starts, and PP time, non physical, and scoring minutes.... NOT interchangeable

If Fraser's not a good comparable to Weber because Fraser is a very good player, what does that make Weber? You can have that one back, free of charge.
NO... Fraser is not a good comparable because he plays a completely different role... see above.

Obyrne WAS a good comparable because he does play the same type of role as Weber.

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