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Originally Posted by bambamcam4ever View Post
Making a list isn't the final word on Iggy's destination, Iggy waiving his NTC clause is. And also, no one was in the wrong here. Calgary wanted to get the best return for Iginla, they aren't just going to tell the Penguins that they are Iginla's only option, otherwise they would only be offered a mediocre draft pick. The only people in the wrong here were the members of the Bruins organization who leaked that Iginla was going to Boston.
Making a list should be the final word. Everyone has the right to change there mind, the bride walking down the isle has the right to change her mind, but considering the impact of some decisions, some forethought should be put into it.

again, if Feaster or Iggy new that PIT was choice number one and he would only go to another team if PIT didn't want him, not if they just couldn't get the best deal, then Feaster shouldn't have strung chia along, that's all.

again, I don't much care at this point, and its not so much that anyone did anything wrong, but it was shady.

and as far members of the bruins organization leaking things, I don't recall (or care to) the time line at this point, but Chia pulling Bart and Koko from the lineup in prov. is when I remember the media running with the 'its a done deal' story.

If Calgary wanted the best return and used Boston with zero intent of finalizing the trade, that is just the wrong way to go about things. Especially considering you have PROV sitting out two of there top players (screw the fans that paid to see that game) and lets hope they aren't battling for a playoff spot themselves.....

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