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05-23-2013, 04:38 PM
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I basically have three moves at the faceoff circle, all of which my hand is down almost touching the blade itself to give myself more leverage for anybody who tries to hit my stick away at the faceoff. Also, having your hand really low, helps you handle bouncing pucks more easily I think.

1 - Back hand to the left defenseman (I'm a lefty) -- I watched the ref's hand and once I see him make the motion to drop the puck, I know my reaction time is just about the time it takes for the puck to hit the ice so I start to make my move once I see him drop it and I usually win it cleanly to my left defenseman.

2 - Back hand in between my legs -- I really only do this when it's in the defensive zone and the net is to the left of me, I don't want to accidentally win it into my own net. Same strategy though, look at the ref and make a move once I see him start to drop it.

3 - Tip it forward in between the other center's legs and quickly make a move around him. This one I only do once or twice a game, 9 times out of 10 it catches the whole other team off guard. I also only do this under the perfect circumstances. The ref has to be to my left so I can quickly move around the center, the center has to be square to the faceoff or preferrably looking towards my left. If his left foot is further away from me, it's hard for me to tip it by him and put it into a position for me to easily skate into it. Also, although not nearly as important as the two things I mentioned already, I look at who the defenseman are. My momentum in the move brings me to the right side and if their best defenseman is on the ice and on the right side, I usually don't make this move.

This is all beer league by the way, I'm not talking about guys who study other players or take the game really seriously. If you're in a more competitive level and/or play with/against people who are taking the game really seriously, I would suggest always doing something different.

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