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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
I don't know, a 45-30 record in shootouts and that adds something to his resume? It is just another regular season win..........or loss. There were times when Jussi Jokinen was nearly automatic on the shootout. But other than that this is the only time that I can think of the shootout really adding to any talk of career value. Every player does it now, and every player has times when they do well or not. Maybe a player like Bure or Mario would be guys that would score 8/10 times and that would make a difference. But until someone comes around where they are a lock cinch to score, or make a trio of saves, then it won't add anything to a player's season.
Originally Posted by GuineaPig View Post
Puck prospectus calculates the influence of shootout performance into GVT, so one can get an idea of what kind of impact a player can have. In 2011/12 for example, Kovalchuk contributed 5.2 goals above replacement, and the highest goalie, Varlamov, contributed 5.1. Definitely not negligible, even if year-to-year variance will naturally result in peaks and troughs. They estimate over the past two seasons (pro-rated for 82 games in 2012/13's case) Lundqvist contributed four goals above replacement. Not a huge amount, but a sizeable chunk (~7-8%) of his overall performance.

In larger samples the effects can be largely obscured, but in individual seasons players can really augment (or badly harm) their team's record in the shootout.
The 1st thing that came to mind is that SO performance might be a more important factor for a goalie than say face off % for a center in terms of value.

Maybe not the most important part of the picture but something that is probably overlooked by most, like it was pointed out by GuineaPig.

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