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Originally Posted by doubledown99 View Post
You know what I hate commenting so strongly when I haven't seen the majority of a season of a player but I will anyways. I know scouting reports have questioned Monahans offensive upside but the games I saw this year (and last year and 2 from year before) I see a great offensive player. In 2 of the games I caught of his this year, he created a bunch of scoring chances with his passing but his teammates fumbled his passes, weren't paying attention and let it just go by them (which u don't see at NHL level much but do so in junior) or just couldn't convert. I didn't have any issue with his 5 on 5 play. I know a lot of his points came on the pp but I think he is a fabulous offensive player in any situation. I think if we got him he would be a great offensive player for us and would be behind only Hall in terms of creating. Yes Yak is great but that is how highly I think of Monahans offensive game. So why aren't the scouting reports saying the same? Not sure, maybe I'm out to lunch( I don't think so but maybe its possible ).

I think Monahan has 70-80 point potential. Combine that with his defensive game and ability on the dot, pp and PK and you have the 2nd best player in draft (behind only Mack). I think if he had better team and line mates we wouldn't be talking about Monahan as he would be battling for the top 5. I really hope we get this guy. He would be a godsend. But I'm not a scout - just a fan. And I've been wrong about a lot of players in the past.
70-80 points is a bit high. in the 11-12 season only 21 players got 70 points or more. It is harder than what people think. If Monahan can average 50 points, be very good at the two way game, shut down other lines and rule in the dot I would be more than happy with that as that is what this team needs in a 2C.

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