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Originally Posted by DousedInOil View Post
I'll give you that BPA is subjective to some degree but you have to admit that players are usually grouped together at the draft. From every single scouting report I have seen, the same 7-8 guys are at the top. I could honestly care less which of Monahan and Lindholm we draft because they are in the same group. If the oilers feel like one player fits the organization better then you can't say they went against the "BPA mentality". However, if you draft someone from a group below you, you can definitely say you didn't correspond to the BPA mentality.

The Oilers did a good job "grabbing their guy" with Alex Plante and Riley Nash in 2007 as well. That didn't exactly go over well.
Yes, you are correct.. I got caught exaggerating the point. BPA is subjective to some degree but then again when you look back at drafts, the top 15 consensus BPA's are never the same down the line. If you could tell me walking away from this draft we will have 1 of Monahan, Lindholm, Lazar, or Horvat, I will be happy regardless. I think all of them are outstanding and bring what we lack in a 2nd C spot. It's not like whoever we draft won't be playing with fantastic wingers even if we do miss out on top end prospects like Monahan and Lindholm.

We are not drafting a face of the franchise here like Calgary is trying to do. We really are trying to draft a guy who will be 5th or 6th fiddle on this team and a lot of guys out there fit that role, even if we miss out on group B of BPA and reach 4-7 spots to take a guy out of "group C". Just get the guy who will make the difference for us down the road and Horvat and Lazar have the styles to do just that.

Don't know what Plante and Nash have to do with this. Were people really vouching for us to draft these guys regardless of position or if we had to reach?

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