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Originally Posted by Ugene Malkin View Post
>>>>>The GM asked for the list<<<<<<

There's a reason for that.

>>>>>>Iginla is not held to any single team on that list<<<<<

There's a reason for that.

Your 2nd sentence: Just

It's really not that hard to figure out.

Here's the problem, and you're not the only one. Some are putting "personal beliefs" in place of, Contract Litigation.

That Contract Litigation allows him to pick his final destination of the list he was "asked" for. Yes. he could have just listed one team, but...he wasn't asked for that.

I also think everyone forgets that neither side (Iginla or Flames) wanted to be the one to ask-for/demand a trade out of respect for each other.

No one got disrespected, and no one is classless, it merely was his choice, the only belief that matters in all of this, the end.

Bad faith is trying to renegotiate a contract you already signed. "He's playing by the rules of the one he did sign."

Take the personal aspect out of it.
no, its not a problem, what so ever.

as you pointed out, its a personal preference to hold people to there word or not.

as i stated further down, everyone has the right to change there mind.

bad faith is stringing along someone that you have no intentions of finalizing a deal with.

that i dont like, regardless of wether or not they have the legal right to do so, some of us still have a moral compass when it comes to that kind of stuff.

and again, i dont much care, especially at this point.

but to disregard 'personal beliefs' and what is right and wrong becuase you can is a bit of a cop out.

its like people on this board skewering blake wheeler because he didnt sign with the team that drafted him.

he was under no obligation too, but yet plenty of people still feel what he did was 'wrong'.

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