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10-04-2006, 02:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Cynical TyranT View Post
I hate talking about ARod, about as much as I hate hearing about T.O.

Who knows what's going to become of him, but, Ill say this much... I think an awful lot of his future reputation rests on what's done this year.
I'll freely admit I am an ARod fan and feel bad for the guy.

I think the clutch thing is overrated and I think it's another typical example of the NY media especially driving a story. They're like Pitbulls, once they get onto something they just never let it go.

No matter what he does he'll never win for some people. If he doesn't get into trouble and actually plays with a degree of class, he's obviously being phoney and needs to analyzed. If he goes 2-4 it's not enough because he didn't hit two HR's.

When a guy who did steroids and is batting .250 on the year starts opening his mouth, I really have to question who the "bad guy" is in these situations.

.290 with 35 hr's in an off year. Just hope it's not one of those things where people don't realize what they've got till it's gone.

Off year aside ARod is an AL mvp candidate just about every other year who can put up an amazing .310, 45 HR, 20 SB line. But of course what we'll here tomorrow is how he went 1-4 and not a peep about Matsui or Sheff going a combined 1 for 8.

The whole ARod situation continues to help me understand why so many athletes I worked with have such a negative opinion about NY. NY'ers really have a tendency to not help their cause with things sometimes. And as a native NY'er that pains me to say.

Go Yankees and go ARod.

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