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05-23-2013, 11:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Kwayry View Post
And both of you are wrong, you are taking the focus away from where it should be, he allowed 2 goals and you want to crucify him. The offense played like crap and you are giving it a pass. Had a late PP to win it in regulation and it was dreadful as usual and you don't even mention it. Humm, i wonder why.
Like I said, you guys want to live in alternate reality? go right ahead.
I let in two goals on 4 shots. I still let in 2 goals right? Screw evaluating quality and objectively looking at the goals let's follow dem stats! 2.00 GAA!!!!

He was phenomenal game 1 in OT. But we should have never gotten there. Sometimes for the absolute best goalie in the world it's his job to hold a team to one goal and stop unscreened blueline shots.

Also you must have missed the times I said the exact opposite of "I pardon the offense for this joke of a performance in OT and period 3."

(Looks up a few posts on this very page of this very thread) ...oh

Also how clueless are you to say I'm crucifying Lundqvist and how absolutely ignorant are you to say I actually WANT to crucify Lundqvist. Jesus Christ white knight harder for the best goalie on earth b/c he gets criticized for legitimately screwing up

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