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05-23-2013, 11:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Patches View Post
Also does anybody find when they play with a stick too short for them that they have trouble taking snap shots? I can't wait to get my Base stick soon.
I find that most players don't cut down their sticks enough. How short is your stick?

Originally Posted by TheGreatOutlaw View Post
Today I was two handed in the back of the head in front of the ref. I feel down obviously, and there guy tripped over me after he two handed me. I went to the box for holding, but he didn't. I asked the ref I didn't know I could hold laying face down on the ice after being hit. He said I didn't call his crosscheck because you are up by 2 with 1 minute to go. I am trying to stop a fight from happening. GREAT LOGIC
I've seen this logic before, it amazes me.

I often get called for penalties that occur like this:

I make a hard play in the corner or in front of the net. Perfectly legal. Start to skate away and get slashed or cross checked from behind. If I turn around and look at the player, the ref blows the whistle and we both go to the box. Even though whatever I did initially wouldn't have been a penalty if the other player didn't retaliate like a moron. I constantly get called for these types of dumb things.

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