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05-24-2013, 12:49 AM
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Originally Posted by kenjets36 View Post
Hank let up a bad goal in game 1 to send the game into OT. However, the game isn't his fault. Had the offense put away their chances they would have given him a cushion to work with.

Stop harping on what could be if something had happened in the past. It didn't. You can't change that. Enough of the negativity for one ****ing night.

Hank is the only way we win this series. Stop getting on him, support him.

*and yes this is a general message, not directed at one specific person, but whoever is ragging on him for no reason*
Jonathan said something along the lines of "We don't go to OT in game 1 except Hank let in 2 bad goals." Kwayry said that Hank shouldn't get any blame whatsoever. I said he does get blame but the forwards get blame as well.

Kwayry then accused me multiple times of blaming Hank and Hank alone so I kept trying to clarify that I was blaming both for game 1. He also kept saying I was excusing the offense in game 1 so I kept clarifying that I was indeed blaming the offense as well. He kept putting words in my mouth and kept accussing me of things I did not say and I kept clarifying. He also said Hank deserves no blame whatsoever for his goals because in the end he only let in 2. I explained why I felt you can assign some blame to a goalie even if it is a 2.00 GAA game and that stats are not everything. I had no intention of having this convo go so long but when someone cannot read basic things and constantly puts words in your mouth you have to clarify.

In the end even after clarifying MULTIPLE times he STILL ended the convo by quoting the very first thing I said, ignored all of the clarifying that I did, incorrectly paraphrased me and ran away. I want to give him one of those anime punches where the character either gets humorously launched in the distance or beaned across the back of the noggin lol

Also we are big boys you can call me out by name and I will respond, defend my position or clarify myself as necessary which I hope I did here

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