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05-24-2013, 01:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Tampa Bay Trio View Post
Yes, it was only a matter of time before someone posted some ridiculous claim like yours. Please point out where said scout actually said that he is the best player in the draft. Congratulations on arriving to a misguided conclusion based on positive comments on one of the top 5 draft eligible players and taking that and forming your own speculation and conjecture.

And ever since when did one scout's opinion become more accurate than the vast majority that see otherwise?
If he's #1 on Murray's list, doesn't that mean that he is the best player in the draft in their eyes? There's no speculation on my part, rumors have come forward that Murray has Nichushkin at #1 on his list. I have not pieced together any information to arrive there myself, it's things that others have said (including Murray himself).

And the main knock that Nichushkin had was the question of his willingness to come to NA to play. With that no longer an issue, let's wait and see what scouts begin to say. I have not seen anyone say that his ceiling is not high or that he is a high bust risk, so as far as I know that is your own analysis to which I again say: I will trust the professional scouts over you.

Also, the only scout's opinion that matters in terms of our drafting is Murray's, so whether his opinion is accurate or not doesn't matter much.

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