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05-24-2013, 01:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Gabriel6676 View Post
This thread is rather distasteful. It has me thinking the Edmonton fans suffer from entitlement issues that this thread has a good number of contributors ignoring the fact that this is a disrespectful discussion. Smyth has been one of the most honest hard working players in the league for years. I don't think this should stop anyone from being able to honestly assess his performance and discuss it publicly - that's the NHL, but this can easily be done more tactfully. It makes me want to say - where is your head at you pack of spoiled brats? I can imagine Smyth looking at this thread and simply realizing for all the warmth during the good times - what was it worth?
So wait, I'm distasteful, entitled, disrespectful, and a spoiled brat? I think it's quite contradictory and that your disrespecting my entitlement to be distastefully assess "a hard worker".

Simply put I pay money thru various avenues and support this team. Do make a huge contribution? No, but I am ENTITLED to my opinion. I remember the "warmth I felt" when he refused to settle for a reported 100,000$ less then what he wanted. What was it worth? Millions and Millions of dollars in his pocket in which I, although very little, and other posters here helped line.

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