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05-24-2013, 07:35 AM
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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
Heres the thing then, if Pulock is supposidly great it everything, why isnt he considered a top5 let alone top 10 pick? Seems like something is wrong. On phone so will need to find the links but i also read scouting reports talking about his skating and defense.

People seem to be in love with his shot which is fine. But gotta be careful hes not another foster in that sense
There's a big difference between being great at everything and something not being a weakness or "below average". I hope you understand that.

Pulock's skating isn't world class. It's not Coburn good. It's better than Schenn's though imo and probably comparable to Timmonen or Suter.

Also, one thing to note. ALL of these players have flaws in their game. Even the second coming Seth Jones isn't where he needs to be to win a Norris Trophy. These players are drafted based on tools and upside. A player like Seth Jones gets taken number 1 because he has 4-5 tools that are ++, 2-3 more than are + and a few that are average. A player like Pulock gets taken 11th or later because he has 1-2 tools that are ++, 1-2 that are +, a few that are average, and maybe 1 that's a - that needs to improve to play in the NHL.

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