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10-04-2006, 11:10 AM
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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
417, it's not really a right or wrong thing. I don't necessarily like conformity a whole lot. I don't like supressing who I am in situations but you learn a bit about choosing your battles at some point.

I have an early 20's flower child/hippie in the family. I don't think her views, dress, attitudes towards the world at large are wrong in any way, I agree with some stuff, not with everything , it isn't an issue with us. It is, we've explained to her, when she's looking for work. Get the job, establish yourself, become of value, than show more of yourself. Playing the game goes against my nature, but I do it.
I agree...when I look for a job, or go to an event. I'm smart enough to tone down my indiviuality. However, that's not any different for anyone looking for a job or going to an event.

I just find it dumb and borderline prejudicial (is that even a word?) that someone becomes immature or irresponsible just because he's wearing earings or has his hat slightly tilted. Does he somehow magically become mature and responsible once he removes the earings and adjusts his hat?

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