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Originally Posted by oilers83 View Post
I'm sorry but you did, to say I'm thinking something and then state what you were thinking clearly indicates the intent that you think some posters are spoiled brats.

That's a lot of money to a lot of people, so ya I do, and the ensuing antics was even more insulting. There's a lot reasons why he doesn't have my respect and some of them have nothing to do hockey.

You came in here and completely contradicted yourself talking about respect all the while disrespecting others.
The distinction is small - but real. I am sure you have been in that position - where you would like to say something because so many of the elements that would make that true are present - but do not because you don't have enough information to fully justify that comment. The reason i said what i was thinking was to suggest that we consider what some of this fan base is that it would support such a thread as this. It is at the very least unnecessary to use such language as useless in relation to Smyth.

I think the reason you would refuse to see that is because you don't want to.

Your contention that Smyth is not deserving of some respect for a single contract issue (quite common in hockey and at least partly the organizations fault as well) doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Perhaps you should mention those "lots of" reasons?

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