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05-24-2013, 11:27 AM
Robert Johnson
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I believe they'll sign him, but if he were traded I'm sure he'll help upgrade the roster from that trade at least in the short-term. But I believe he should stay even though there are very good points being made about how he disappears in big games or in games where his physical play would be an obvious help against teams like LA. But I also believe he's one of their best goal scores and he's still very young and for the reason you can't teach size I believe they'll resign him.

I just see trading him could be a very big mistake when he's 27 to 32 years old dominating in a way we all thought he should have been dominating in his early 20's. Patience is the way I think they'll handle his development.

But I really do see the other side especially because of last year and how he was just awful because he was out of shape, and seemed to play with no heart game in and game out, this one isn't an easy decision.

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