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Originally Posted by rt View Post
Today at around four o'clock might actually be a big deal in the process. That's when the agenda for Tuesday's Glendale City Council meeting will be released. It's the las meeting before the RFP submissions ar due. The NHL has already confirmed that they will not be part of a bidding process for arena management. They most certainly will not be a tenant of a third party manager, either. If the NHL s not scheduled on today's agenda for Tuesdays meeting to make their case for a sole source management contract it would seem they aren't actually planning on operating an NHL club in Glendale next season. If there is nothing NHL related on he agenda hat comes out in six or so hours, I'd say that's pretty telling.
I don't believe we will hear anything. These magical bids are due to Beacon by the 31st and they will pass on their recommendations afterwards, perhaps at a workshop on June 4th? However, the contract allows the city to keep expanding the deadline until they are blue in the face. I think a lot is being made about the lease between Jobing and the NHL. That thing has been extended by a month before, whats to stop it now?

So another question. The NHL was paid $25 million in 2010/2011, $20 million is in escrow to use from 2011/2012, and 2012/2013 didn't include a management fee from my understanding. Now from this old article, sources indicated the Coyotes lost "between $10-$15 million". I assume that is not taking into account the $20 million in escrow meant for the 2012 season. How much could have been lost this year and what is a reasonable amount to assume moving forward?

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