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Originally Posted by Gabriel6676 View Post
So because I expressed my opinion freely I have entitlement issues? Is that what you are saying? Or are you saying it is your right to speak? In that case of course it is, but this needn't be done so in a manner that is so disrespectful.

I find it interesting how people attack others instead of logically encountering opposing views. Happens quite a bit here it seems.

I'm saying it's everyone's right to say what they please within reason. Last I checked there were a handful of moderators screening out the really distasteful stuff. I'm actually impressed that the moderators here are pretty tolerant and let most people have their say. As for thinking it's ok to be HF version of Goebbels doesn't sit well.

You make it seem like Smytty is some kind of innocent bystander being stoned. From my point of view he is reaping what he sowed.

He was an decent hockey player that worked his ass off and built up a cult following among a fan base that didn't have an awful lot to cheer about for a hell of a lot of years.

He then proceeds to throw it all away over a reported $100,000 per season.

The next summer as a free agent he signs with a division rival as opposed to signing with his beloved Edmonton.

His play then starts to decline due to age and injuries or whatever the case may be. He then gets shipped to LA where his decline continues to the point he finds himself slated for third line duty the coming season. What does captain magnificent do?

I'm sure with delusions of grandeur rolling around in his head he plots his return to the one place he presumes will mindlessly worship him. He then demands a trade back to his beloved Edmonton...errrr.....maybe Calgary if Edmonton doesn't want me....errr... wellllll I'll float that out there to apply the screws to edmonton, I'll make them want me back.

So he's back in edmonton an all is well for about 30 games...

At this point everyone and his dog knows smyth is done as a useful player( oilerbear aside) and I'm thinking this is his swan song. There where a number of posts on here of people suggesting they let him walk or at most a one year contract.

The next few months see Smyth in another fight over money. He proceeds to sign for 2 years with the customary calgary rumors which has become a smyth trade mark...I'm thinking this is a Katz signing as some kind of misguided thank you for years of service and to prevent him from signing in calgary. I have a hard time believing Tamblo is that stupid.....although I have over estimated them in the past.

In any event I'd say he is getting about what is deserved considering his track record.

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