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Originally Posted by DownieFaceSoftener View Post
It was an interesting read. It almost looks addressed to us.

One point of contention, ASF says:

"It was hard to argue the Flyers drafting James van Riemsdyk at No. 2 overall in 2007. There were decent defenseman drafted in some of the slots behind him – Karl Alzner (Washington), Ryan McDonagh (New York Rangers), Kevin Shattenkirk (Colorado), but none worthy of the No. 2 pick. Van Riemsdyk was traded last year for Schenn – who continues to grow as a top pair defenseman for the Flyers. There was a mistake in round two, as the Flyers chose defenseman Kevin Marshall two picks ahead of Montreal selecting P.K. Subban, but again, not every team is perfect, and frankly, every team had a shot at Subban in the first round and passed."

None worthy of the No. 2 pick? Shattenkirk was (looking backwards). Perhaps he means: "at the time, given the landscape and scouting reports." -- and missing on Kevin Marshall was a pretty big mistake. Every team makes mistakes, I know, but given what Marshall was supposed to be versus what he became was pretty horrible. The Sbisa pick wasn't the greatest, either. It got us Pronger, sure, and invariably if Pronger was healthy I doubt the defense would be such a major issue to begin with.

Sorry ASF, I must disagree.
Alzner, MacDonagh, or Shattenkirk are all legitimate picks first round picks for a team needing an offensive defenseman.
If you needed to trade back you could have done so then taken one of the defensemen.
Or you could have simply traded the pick for a #1 defenseman.
The Flyers missing on a 2nd round pick is nothing new.
It is not like Marshall was going to be the next Shea Weber.

And the Pronger excuse is old now. Pronger was not gonna play like a #1 until he was 40.
The Flyers of course never drafted anyone to replace him in the future.
Assuming they could trade or offersheet a #1 and get one that way.
This lack of future planning is why we continue to trade our best prospects (centers) and future picks for defensemen.

We build our team backwards from the front line back instead of from the goal crease up.
If this insanity continues we will never see the Flyers win another cup.

A #1 defenseman is much more valuable than two #2 centers, but we continue to believe the opposite and draft centers every year.

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