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05-24-2013, 02:09 PM
Max Patio-Ready
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Any of you who are still thinking Price should have had Vezina like numbers this season, are dreaming. Head completely in the clouds. Along with not following the team very closely, if at all. Our defense was atrocious this year. If you watched the team for any stretch of time, this would be glaringly obvious. Only 2 or 3 of our regular Dmen get a pass for me, and i'm sure you can guess who those are (Hint: their last names don't start with M, G, or D). Pretty bad when you have more confidence in a 21 year old rookie with less than 15 games of NHL experience, than you do in half of your veterans who should be leading your team.

But no, Price should be stopping all of these defensive breakdowns, backdoor gifts, and breakaways that are completely caused by the Hab's inability to defend with any sense of pride that you would find in a peewee player. The countless bone head giveaways, icings, breakdowns, softness, bad positioning, and lack of size is laughable. But hey, were paying Price 6.5 mill, so that makes it his job to make sure all of that doesn't happen, right? Wrong. We're paying Price that money because he is a core part of our team, and because he will be 10x more important to us once our team is finished rebuilding ( you know, what were currently in the middle of doing right now?), than he is right now in the middle of a rebuild. He hasn't even hit his prime for god sake. That's what were paying him for. We cannot expect Price to live up to his full potential and play his best hockey right now, because our team doesn't allow him to because of the way it is currently built.

Once our defense is at a caliber in which i am not completely embarrassed to watch, will I judge Price on his performance. Just like we have to surround players (Plekanec, ect) with good wingers in order to succeed to his full potential, we have to surround Price with the tools (defensemen) in order to succeed and unlock his own full potential.

It's called a team sport for a reason. With that said, I would trade Gorges, Markov, and Diaz all before I would trade Price. Replace all three of them with defensemen having good years, and this discussion doesn't even happen.

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