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Originally Posted by dmanfish90 View Post
Do you know the difference between small/smaller sample sizes than regular ones. 48-game season IS NOT A TRUE SAMPLE SIZE. Don't convince me or other people otherwise.

Are you going to tell me that Craig Anderson over his career has played better than Carey Price? The stats don't really show it. They've been about the same. The difference is that CA is 30 and CP is 25. Yes CP has played almost the same amount of seasons as CA, but that's more impressive given his age. Obviously CA is a great goalie but so is CP. CP isn't even in his prime yet, and you're all "why is he being paid like 6.5 mil/year if he's playing like crap" The truth is going into this season (which is when he signed the contract people) a lot of analysts considered him a Top 5 goalie. That's why he's being paid 6.5 mil/year. Despite what you might see on a stats sheet all the time, CP playing on inconsistent defensive teams with sometimes horrendously bad or old talent level on the back end has "held the fort down" sort of speak (except for this year). Now as other posters have mentioned, rankings for goalie are more fluid, they change depending on how great or bad their years are if they're stats are inconsistent. The consistent goalies don't move as much because they're stats stay consistent from year to year. The reason this happens is they have great defensive teams in front of them (Rinne, Lundqvist, Quick, etc.) that gives them much more leeway to have bad stretches or bad periods, the teams bail them out after a while and they get back to playing GREAT defensive hockey, something the Habs have had trouble doing many years in the past for long periods of time.

The difference is CP31 isn't 30, he's 25. The fact that you think it's average is fine. I don't look at things so black and white. I look at many extenuating factors when I make decisions on how I label certain players and certain goaltenders. CP31 is playing arguably in the hardest hockey city in one of the hardest positions. Montreal chews up franchise goaltenders and the last time they did, spit it out and eventually ended up in Colorado for other reasons. Point is, we have too high expectations of our franchise goalies.

I see a whole lack of substance in everything you post about. There's some intelligent thoughts being displayed, but it gets washed away with your lack of foresight and knowledge of hockey. Hockey isn't ALWAYS about stats. A good part of it is, but it's also about knowing the game, knowing what it takes to win the SC and what types of players/pieces are required to even make it to the Final or Conference Finals. We've done it once since we last won the SC, on the back of a really hot goalie where he got tired and couldn't sustain it. Does it really matter if we saved 1 million on Price? Big ****ing deal. He's worth every penny IMO especially down the road when he'll (hopefully steps up and) bring us a SC home.

Now for god sakes people, just back off a bit. The guy's going to go nuts here. He probably already has a little bit. You can see it's weighing on him a bit, was blown out of proportion when he last spoke to the media. Just chill out, just relax there's [a little bit] of time.
I've forgotten more about hockey than you will ever know. I'm not even close to trying to run Price out of town. I think we're fine with a top 10-15 goalie and that is all I expect. I take exception to the blind support and over the top evaluations though.

Continually put the team down in order to prop up one player.

I have never mentioned Craig Anderson in this thread. I'm not sure what your entire first two paragraphs are about, but whatever.

The intelligent thoughts haven't been posted by you, mostly everything you have posted is incorrect BS.

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