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05-24-2013, 02:50 PM
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Originally Posted by dmanfish90 View Post
I agree with everything you've said in his post, up until the bolded part. Yes Gorges had a bad year, but he's been solid in other years. Let's see what he does next year. Markov, bad defensively, amazing offensively. He's not the same Markov from 5 years ago that was an All-Star starter. But he's serviceable and will should be used more efficiently on the bottom two, even the bottom pairing. Diaz was also playing pretty well until he got injured so I'll let it go this year. Played well for le Swiss during the WHC.

IMO, you trade Diaz when his value is at the highest. In general you should trade people when their value is at the highest. But considering we have Markov, who for another 1-2 years should be okay, Subban, and coming up the pipeline Beaulieu (to replace Markov) as PMDs, Diaz IMO is the odd man out. Keep Gorges unless he regresses at the same level next year. Markov wait and see as well.

I was only trying to add emphasis to my point. What i was trying to get at is that i would rather trade Markov, Gorges, or Diaz in haste, than trade Price, since Price has the potential to be a franchise player, while the others really do not have that same impact. Not suggesting that we trade any of these players however. One bad year should not spell the end of a player IMO, which goes for both Price and those 3 dmen.

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