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05-24-2013, 03:53 PM
How about 76 for 25?
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Originally Posted by habsfanatics View Post
I've forgotten more about hockey than you will ever know. I'm not even close to trying to run Price out of town. I think we're fine with a top 10-15 goalie and that is all I expect. I take exception to the blind support and over the top evaluations though.

Continually put the team down in order to prop up one player.

I have never mentioned Craig Anderson in this thread. I'm not sure what your entire first two paragraphs are about, but whatever.

The intelligent thoughts haven't been posted by you, mostly everything you have posted is incorrect BS.
Same thing about u.

I brought up Craig Anderson because people think (especially Sens fans) that he's the best goalie ever or a Top 5 Goalie now. Now, I'll agree to this statement, except for the fact that he's losing it against PIT right now.

Now outside the last 2.25 seasons, Craig Anderson did **** all. He was almost a nobody, not even a Top 10 goalie. Then all of a sudden he starts playing well? Why do you think this happens? Maybe a change of team, maybe cuz he's older and in his prime, maybe a combination of both?

Whatever it may be, the key for me is if you look at Carey's career stats during the regular season and the same for Craig's, they are almost the EXACT SAME, save for Carey's GAA #s which is LOWER.

It's funny how u mention that all my posts are BS when I ahve multiple posters on this thread sharing somewhat similar thoughts and opinions as I do...why don't you call them out too while you're at it as well...

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