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Originally Posted by dmanfish90 View Post
MB >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> PG + BG put together.

What he did in less than 12 months is way better than anything Gainey or Gauthier ever did. Traded Cole for Ryder and got a 3rd pick back. He signed Prust, Bouillon (plays well defensively as a 6th defenseman), etc.

I mean why else would the NHL have him as a finalist for GM of the Year. But hey was Bob Gainey or Pierre Gauthier ever recognized for their "efforts" in their first year as a rookie GM behind a team like the Montreal Canadiens? Didn't think so...

Call me a "GM vote-of-confidence virgin" all you want, I have faith in Bergevin and nothign you or any other illogical poster here is going to make me believe otherwise.

Explain this to me:

For the top 10 goalies that faced the most shots in the NHL, why do 6 have a Save % above .919, 7 have a % above a .914 and 9 of them have a % above .909.

Explain this to me then using your less shots are less scoring chances...

Have you ever heard of "Fire a ton of shots at the goalie, he gets into a rhythm, he gets hot and you can't put one past him" argument? Is that not true too? Even though we saw an example of this pretty recently (I think it was like 3-4 weeks ago...)

No, it's not really true at all. It makes for a nice narrative, but it's not really true. Goalies get more shutouts when the face 20 shots or fewer than they do if they face 40 shots or more.

As far as the SV% stats, it's easier to have a slightly better sv % with a few higher shots. A goalie that gives up 2 goals on 30 shots vs a goalie who gives up 2 on 20 shots, chances are they both played pretty well, but the one with 30 shots will have the better numbers, regardless this has nothing to do with what I am talking about.

Shooting % will usually regress to the mean, shot quality is not the driving force behind goals, shots are. The reason the goal scorers are the top goal scorers is because they take way more shots.

As far as team stats go, the team that shoot more will score more, the top guys with top shooting % balance out the guys who aren't particularly good shooters. It's not always about goals it's about how those goals were created, by every metric, the habs were the real deal this year. They ran into some bad luck, a hot Anderson and had a struggling goalie of their own.

Looking at these numbers, the Leafs are good bet to miss the playoffs completely next year. Wait and see.

48/82 games, why the arbitrary cut off at a full season? You think 82 is significant sample too I suppose?

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