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05-24-2013, 03:16 PM
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11th Pick Scenario (Ristolainen vs. Zadorov vs. Pulock)

So, few weeks away and everyone on this board has someone they like alot and dislike. These three seem to be the most focused on defensively. So thought it would be fun to through down a scenario and for the board to vote for their defender. Maybe you have seen each one play, maybe you just read up on them, or maybe you just like their name. In the end a vote is a vote, so here is the story:

It's June 30th. The 10th pick is up and everyone is either sad their player they wanted is gone or happy he is still around. Dallas is chilling and everyone knows they are choosing a center but they are wasting time anyway and making the clock go down.

Paul Holmgren is sitting at the Flyers table playing Candy Crush on his new Iphone 5 when one of his underlings interrupts him to ask his take on who they plan on taking since the Flyers were now on the clock. Holmgren curses as his brand new phone locks up midgame and gives a death stare to the poor underling. He slowly places the phone on the table and looks at the list of players that are left.

Holmgren feels as a bead of sweat drips down his face. He didn't know any of the players left on the board.... or for that matter anyone in the draft. He sighs as he was hoping to trade that 1st during the trade deadline but no one thought he was serious when he was looking for a 35+ aging defender who can maybe play as a #6. That along with his main focus of resigning Shelly (and the two week party after grabbing his man Rosehill on the best contract in the league) and the draft was on the back of his mind. He started to read the names left and the draft number his scouts put on them. His eyes flashed over the name "2nd Round" and remembered that he actually had a 2nd round pick this season. "Hard to remember at times" he said while laughing. He gave another look at the list and shook his head.

"I have no idea" he said as he looked around the table. But then, as if the skies opened up and the knowledge of the world was presented to him, he thought of the best idea ever.

"I'm going to ask HFBOARDS what they think." He remembered that one long night a few months ago as he GOOGLE imaged searched "Crying Crosby" and came across that message board.

"I'm making a thread on there about the pick. Give me a minute". He reached for his phone, cursed again as he remembered it was still frozen and reached for the laptop. With the protests of everyone at the table to trust a bunch of people on some random internet forums he makes the thread.


He quickly looked at the top of the Flyers list of players and read three names in no particular order. Ristolainen, Zadarov, and Pulock. He threw those names on a poll and waited as they voted.

(I was bored and drove like 8 hours today by myself for work so had alot of time to think. Simple question. Who do you choose and why.)

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