Thread: Confirmed with Link: III. New Logos and Green Uniforms for 2013-14
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05-24-2013, 03:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Troy McClure View Post
You're reading way too much into one quote of his.

You also are wrong about him failing at it. Partly because you're making up some definition for classic that demands using only gold, green, black, and white. That's crazy talk. Nothing about Gaglardi wanting a classic look requires him complying with your color demands. You don't know what he meant. He could have been talking about the way the jersey design is laid out as a simpler color scheme.

Besides, you haven't seen the jersey, so to say he failed at classic is silly.
His quote was about the logo, which is a failure in its current presentation in my opinion.

As for the jersey colors that is a different argument that is purely subjective. I don't like the new color palatte. It is bland and lacks any contrast.

Our guys have basically traded in monocolor uniforms for monocolor uniforms. Silver is a nuetral, as is white, so the only real color we have now is kelly green.

Count me unenthusiastic.

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