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05-24-2013, 04:18 PM
How about 76 for 25?
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Originally Posted by habsfanatics View Post
Who determines the smart ones from the not so smart ones? BTW: How often are these analysts actually right? Seems for the most part they have us missing the playoffs every year and last year was about the only time in recent memory they got it right, even a blind squirrel finds a nut. I also think this opinion is over stated. They watch way less habs hockey than any of us. I haven't missed an entire habs game in roughly 10 years. I have played and been around hockey my entire life, many of the posters on this board are no different. I'd take the opinions of whitesnake, krisse, andy, lafleursguy, rhiessin, ohashi, ozymandias, overlords, habsfan18, whisky7, wethreekings, ect ect ect over many of those guys. We've watched more habs hockey than any of them.

When your analysts consist of PJ Stockton, Kelly Hrudey, Don Cherry, Glen Healy, Milbury, Torterella, Kipper ect, who the hell really cares about these guys, most of them wouldn't know a good hockey player if they fell over one. Out of the bunch, I like Pierre Lebrun, Mac, Friedman, Weekes, the rest are bad/terrible. I didn't include the rds cast as they are the worst of the bunch.

I won't say he was great last year, definitely has no claim to top 5, but he certainly was the least of our problems.

You went back 3 years and took the numbers for the individual years only. Sry, doesn't pass the smell test.

There are anomalies like cheechoo/lupol every year, because the game is a game of chance/luck. you need at least 5 years and to take the average over those 5 years.

What you did is take 3 separate sample sizes and call them one. Some numbers are unsustainable and every year, the league leader in goals is in the top 5 in shots, and so usually is number 2 and so on, there are the odd guys that get in the mix like perry/cheecoo ect, they are the exception, not the rule and usually never do it again, you need the sample size to eliminate these players.
Do it for me. Take the top 10 shot takers over a 5 year period and the top 10 goal scorers over that same period and show me the similarities. I'm curious to see if your statement is valid. I think its right half the time.

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