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Originally Posted by Cyclones Rock View Post
So Johansen's healthy scratch in the final game, a direct quote of the coach saying he wasn't "all in" and Jarmo K's comments regarding him all qualify as "whispers and innuendo." If that be the case, then the quality and quantity of information you require to evaluate a situation is so massive it should probably preclude you from drawing very many conclusions. Something, which obviously isn't the case

Use as many red herrings as you want. Johansen will be under a lot of scrutiny for the foreseeable future regarding his attitude. He's earned it and his GM has publicly said as much.

Here's an example of how most players who get sent to playoff teams after the conclusion of their "other" seasons react. Perhaps you can get link sent to Mr. 5 goals.
Do not care. I seriously don't. I don't put any stock into what a GM or coach says in public, because from having spent a decent amount of time in and around locker rooms, I'm pretty familiar with how things go. Say one thing publicly, say another thing in private. Say something publicly with a purpose, whether it's true or not. I remember an MLB manager who blew up on his team in the clubhouse for what "anonymous sources inside the team" said in an article regarding hustle and work ethic, and he was the very one who had said it. (I think it was Leo Durocher).

I'll tell you what I remember. I remember the NY Rangers deciding that Sergei Zubov and Petr Nedved weren't "committed enough", and dumping them for two players 10 years older (Luc Robitaille and Ulf Samuelsson). I also remember Pittsburgh, after one year of Zubov, deciding the same and trading him to Dallas for Kevin Hatcher. Zubov played 12 years in Dallas at a very high level, just as he'd played his entire career. Nedved had his best years in Pittsburgh, and the Rangers plummeted. And after Zubov's trade to Dallas, Pittsburgh spent the next 10 years wondering if they were ever going to find anyone close to his ability.

Would you want Voracek back in Columbus? He was often accused of being a goofball and not always giving 100%, and look at what's happened since...he's become exactly the player he was projected to be, and he's not done developing yet.

To your first paragraph, yes, that's true. Your conclusion, however (that I have drawn a conclusion at all), is erroneous.

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