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05-24-2013, 06:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Jaded-Fan View Post
Isn't this why we signed half the captains in the league? To make sure in games like this that the Pens have their priorities straight?
Yes... and probably why they had so much poise last game. That would have ended bad just last season. They just stayed the course.

Originally Posted by Crafton View Post
i watched a few minutes of Melrose on NHL Network and when talking about the Richards situation in NY he mentioned that Morrow was probably healthy scratched for game 4. it was a throwaway line but still struck me as quite the inferential leap.

Originally Posted by Dying Alive View Post
Yeah, Morrow as a healthy scratch is possible but not probable IMO. The entire local media saw him leave the ice early at practice & go spend time with a trainer. Seems like unnecessary subterfuge just to not have to call him a healthy scratch. There's no reason for them to do that.

Yeahhhhh not buying it. DB wouldn't do that to a vet. I heard that and immediately didn't believe it.

Originally Posted by jdp View Post
Hey Guys,

been following this board for several years now, first time commenting. don't know what took me so long.

been a pen fan since 1987. been there for the ups and downs and stuck through it all. hardcore fan, recent games have given me minor heart attacks.

Team doing well, finally got that killer instinct they've been lacking, and I've been waiting for.

Let's get this series over with tonight. Need a quick start, and just need to bombard the net with shots.
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