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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
He screwed up in game 1

He was dominant in game 2 (deny it if you want, not going to argue that fact)

He was solid for a good 2 periods where we absolutely sucked (that's when the team in front of you HAS to freakin score...we couldn't create a single chance) and then the inevitable happened. After the 3rd goal, he wasn't really playing much.

He was solid in game 4 and got jobbed by the refs/injured (who knows, we could have won that in OT with him in). BTW, that tying goal, aside from his stick being tied up, it was a smart move to cut back from behind the net and fully on Prust who was down for the count. So many fails outside of Price on that play resulted in the GTG. Should have been a 2-2 series, we all know it. He was very good in that game until the league stepped in.

Not present in game 5.


IMO he had a fine series marred only by one game and another game where the team was just pathetic in front of him. I defy Quick to have won game 3 for us. Price wasn't the problem there and for anyone who watched game was clear how badly Price was missed.
From my point of view, a near perfect team game was spoiled by Price in game 1, game 2was solid.

Should have been 2-0 and down 2-1 going into the 3rd in game 3 in the other teams building, which is where you want the opposition and where a great goaltender will put on the chokehold. Instead it's a 3rd period letdown and the series has gone the other way.

Everything after that was ugly, but a great goaltender has the team up 3-0 in the series and the other team is near white flagging it. At worst at 2-1 Ottawa has to win 3 of 4 which is tough to do with 2 games in Montreal.

As it was the team was down 2-1 to a team that should arguably be dead and buried.

Sure I have made some assumptions about momentum and the coulda shouldas , but it's not hard to imagine a completely different series if Price nails down game 1 or has a great third period in game 3.

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