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Originally Posted by Blades of Glory View Post
I wouldn't even categorize anything that happened during the playoffs in those earlier days as a "stinker." The fact that they just were even IN the playoffs in 1994 and 1995 was a remarkable achievement. But after pulling off a completely absurd first round upset of Detroit in 1994, regardless of how close they were to beating Toronto, you can't say that they disappointed or "**** the bed". They shouldn't have beaten Detroit under any realistic circumstances. They wouldn't have if Steve Yzerman hadn't missed the first four games of the series or if the Red Wings hadn't effectively played the entire series with an empty net for them to shoot at (you remember how hilariously bad Osgood/Essensa were, I'm sure). That was a different time for this organization and the fans. You were just thrilled to be a part of it. And in 1995, they pulled off another miraculous first round victory and well, frankly, got what we all knew was coming in the next round. They didn't underperform or collapse. They got mother-****ing steamrolled by an angry juggernaut. Hell, even as a Sharks fan, I have to admit that what Sergei Fedorov and Co. did to us(I think he had 11 points in 4 games?) pretty awe-inspiring.

******** the bed has been a far more recent occurrence. The 3-0 home loss to Calgary in Game 5 of the 2004 Conference Finals (after going up there and winning 2 games to tie the series, no less) was pretty bad. But even then, that team was such a surprise. Now, I have to think of the Robert Lang game as a perfect example of truly collapsing in the biggest moment. That 2007 team was really, really, really good, too. Not to forget the collapse against Edmonton in 2006.

To be fair the collapse against Edmonton came after the Torres hit on Michalek. The team didn't play the same after that and it screwed up the balance of the lines. Michalek in that first series was the main puck carrier for Marleau and Bernier. They were an almost perfectly formed line even though short lived. I remember the mercury news article after the sharks went up 2-0 called the sharks bullies for how dominant they were against Edmonton. They basically ran edmonton out of the rink in the first 2 home games. That all changed after Torres head shot on Michalek. It was like he was the bottom Jenga piece and the team just collapsed... IT was really wierd to watch cause that edmonton team just wasn't very talented other than the goalie and Pronger.

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