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10-04-2006, 03:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Garo View Post
Who really wanted Bergeron at the draft?

I'll probably pick him in the top 3 right now, but at the time he wasn't even supposed to go that early.

O'Sullivan was clearly saw as a top talent though
Nobody. And that needs to stop at one point or another. I didn't want Urquhart like tons of others but I don't remember somebody even suggested Bergeron, nobody knew him, and I think I had him gone end of 3rd beginning of 4th.....Everybody in the NHL world are so surprised on how he developed, so we should never say we should have......Why don't we hear we should have with names like Datzyuk or Zetterberg???? Datsyuk was picked 171st, while we picked Bashkirov 132nd and Gordie Dwyer 152nd.....But we did manage to pick Markov at 162.....I've never heard any other team complaining about that.

You just can't complain about a player who all of sudden just skyrocketed in his development and this apply for Bergeron.

You can complain about a player who is suppose to be all that but wasn't pick for obscure reason, O'Sullivan might be one, Wolski might be another in his year.....and some can say Brule was another one as well. But I hope the other teams would cut some slack about Price VS Brule and begin analysing why the Wild took Pouliot instead of him of why the Ducks took Ryan......

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