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10-04-2006, 04:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Dr_Hook View Post
but where's our Malkin gonna come from? our Kovalchuk ? Our Heatley ? That was our chance to take a special player and then find a goalie which is easier to do, but we blew it...
We have no all stars players in our actual roster and probably no all stars in the making outside maybe Price... Thats true...

However, we have some elite players and some others in the making as well... Just like the Buffalo Sabres have theirs...

Is Kovalev an elite player in the NHL? Yes

Is Koivu an elite player in the NHL when he is at his best? Definitively yes.

Can Samsonov be considered an elite player right now? Im not sure we will see this year, has he already been considered a NHL elite player? Difinitively yes.

Can Latendresse be considered a potential elite player in the making? Definitively.

Kostitsyn? IMO this is clear and evident, this guy has the skills to be a dominant player in this league, just like a guy like Vanek with the Sabres...

Perezhogin? Most will doubt, personally I dont..

Higgins? While not as much as skilled as Perezhogin, he just plays a so great all around game, elite hands, elite quickness, elite wrist shot...

We have some other solid players like Jonhson, Plekanec that can be considered high quality players as well.. Bonk on the third line isnt bad either...

So once again, no big all stars but an amazing bunch of high quality players on the 3 first lines that makes our team as strong offensively as any other top teams in this league.. The only ways to get an all star player is by finishing at the bottom of the standing or by the FA market and Im not interested with the first option.. Some ALL Stars skilled players are not always working hard neither playing this game with passion, some are often hardly coatchables and not fitting well in a team concept.. So we have to be careful when we talk about an ALL Star player, some will never make your team win in the long run...

Still, Kopitar looks like a good one at the moment but we will have to wait and see how it goes.. I remember a certain Svitov, drafted #3 overall who had a big body frame, highly skilled but never had enough heart to play in the NHL.. I remember him playing with the Bulldogs when we shared our farm with Tampa and some were saying he was the real deal while I didnt think so at all... I was saying Plekanec was playing a way more solid overall game while Perezhogin was the real deal offensively..

In our team, we dont have only skills on our top 3 lines but some passionated guys playing this game with fire.. Thats why I think we have a serious shot this year.

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