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Originally Posted by achdumeingute View Post
And that is the fallacy. We could have done things 180 degrees different, and still not ultimately won.

There is NO guaranteed way to accomplish the end goal.

Originally Posted by duffy9748 View Post
Snider definitely isn't perfect but I wouldn't say he is holding this team back from winning. What "mentality" are people talking about? This current team isn't exactly all rough and tumble like the past. He hasn't won since '75 but he has been to six finals since then. They happened to play the two greatest teams of all time in the 80's, not much you can do about that. I'd understand all the complaining if this team was missing the playoffs year in and year out but they're not. We have been spoiled with the fact that we have a contending team almost every year. It is just really hard to win a Stanley Cup.
And this.

I think the fact that the Flyers have gone to the finals several times since winning their two Cups is proof they (and Snider) were doing some things right along the way. The fact that they didn't break through and win in the finals, sucks but, you know, if a few things go their way in some of those series (not against Detroit, or Edmonton Part I), and they very well could have done it one of those times...they were close enough to prove they were true contenders and had few chances for the Cup. Most other teams have not had that kind of "success" to enjoy and several teams have endured very long strings of non-playoff seasons. The Islanders haven't won a playoff series in 20 years, 16 years for the Panthers...9 for the Laffs. The Laffs haven't made it to the finals in 44 seasons, the Blues 41, the Yotes, never, the Islanders not in 27 seasons, etc.

The Flyers have stayed competitive and had several teams contend for a Cup, in part, due to Ed Snider and his motivation and dedication to the team and the organization he built. People on this thread are saying that this team can't be built into a winner until Ed retires/dies. I say, Ed Snider's teams have won a lot...a couple of Stanley Cups, several Conference, be careful what you wish for.

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