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05-25-2013, 06:51 AM
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Hi reiterating for like the 483948320th time but as probably the only Florida resident on the Leaf Board let me give some insight:

Vinny doesn't want to leave florida. He loves it. It loves him. He's the big star from 04, he's done the most community work, and he's earned the fan's respect. Even at his albatross contract, they keep him. You don't just trade your captain "just cause we need cap room" when he's actually a good captain.

Also Tampa doesn't need to trade their top 5 pick to get rid of Lecavalier and especially not for Grabovski or Komisarek. If they're trading a top 5 pick and Vinny it's going to be for a high end 2nd line center or winger which they can just get from the draft anyway.

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