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10-04-2006, 04:51 PM
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Well, some seem to be afraid that Huet was a "one hit wonder", but I'm not one of those. He played extremely well the last half of last season so as far as I'm concerned, I think he'll continue his solid play. At least, that's my belief until he shows otherwise.

I expect good things from the forward lines now that Ribs is gone. I really felt he was holding us back. I think Pleks will prove more than able to play 2nd line centre and will be a big improvement. I also expect good things from Johnson. Maybe not a star, but should be an improvement. They'll start Tender out slow I think, 4th line to minimize pressure on him, but he should have a strong second half.

The really big question mark, in my view, is Koivu. If he goes down with injury, I really don't think we have a centre to replace him, and that's worrisome.

All in all, I think we'll make the playoffs, and could even do some damage. The D could go either way, and will remain basically the same, but if Nin finds his game, well, I think he could make for a much stronger D. If he doesn't, well, we're about where we were last year I think on D, although Komi could come into his own this year and make an impact.

Just some random thoughts. We'll know better after everyone gets a few games under their belt.


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