Thread: News Article: Ron Mclean Rant about Richards
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05-25-2013, 07:38 AM
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The reason Richards isn't playing is he's been a detriment on the ice. If he could hold his own--even as a 4th liner he would be out there. It's more than apparent that both Stepan and Brassard are better players than he is now and that Boyle is not only more versatile with his penalty killing, shot blocking, defensive play, being better on face-offs but also with his size and strength and his penchant for playing at his best in the playoffs. Not going to argue that Newbury is a more talented player or even a better player but he's a better 4th liner and leaves Richards nowhere to go. Still he would be playing if his line could have held it's own but they were getting eaten up by Boston's 4th line which scored both of Boston's goals in game 3 which put us down 3 games to 0.

Ronald McLean's concerns have nothing to do with the Rangers continuing on to the next round--his concern here is about his buddy. And he slants his article to make Tortorella and the Rangers organization into some kind of unfeeling entities. Bringing up Redden, Gomez etc.--well if he's a Leafs fan--all those years of not making the playoffs--making heroes out of guys who can't cut it anymore. Where we are now is not about the player--it's about the team--the names don't ****ing matter. If Henrik was ****ing up and costing us games I'd be all for giving Biron a shot. Richards has had a fabulous career--made tons of money--Newbury has not but he's an acceptable hockey player at this stage and a better fit to play.

BTW some of these suits who write about this game wanted this cap thing and they got it. Now one of them rants about in the old days it wasn't about the money. So it's not the old days then and the Cap that they wanted so badly did make it much more about the money.

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