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05-25-2013, 08:52 AM
How about 76 for 25?
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Just want to say this....everything is about expectations and money. Price was brought in as a saviour. He doesn't save as much as we thought he would....we're dissapointed. So let's lower our expectations....but then he has a salary of 6.5 M$. So how low is it acceptable to take our expectations at that salary? How come we weren't able to accept that Gomez could be a good PK'er and nice 4th line centerman for us? 'Cause he surely right now prooves that he still can play in this league.....and somehow is seen as a bargain? Why? 700 000$.

Now, what do we do with Price. As I said, and despite my question marks about him, you don't trade him. He is not my favorite type of goalie, not my favorite as far as attitude is concerned and not my favorite in style either. But your best bet as a team is to surround him better. But to REALLY do it. Not just think that the guys in place WILL be better. They won't be SIGNIFICANTLY better. Improving and becoming really better are 2 different beasts. If Bergevin is unable to do that, it won't be pretty. East won't be easier next year ON THE CONTRARY.

Personnally, I thought he'd be a bigger game changing player that he was. He still have time to prove that he is. But I guess it's not about that anymore. It's about NOT letting the crowd, the journalists or whoever wants to ship him out no matter what we have in return, not letting them have a chance to voice their opinions so that in the end, we are put in a terrible position and not get out of there with the upper hand. We CANNOT afford not getting the upper hand in that situation, no matter how it turns out. And the only way right now to avoid it is to surround himself better no matter what we think of him directly. I don't ****ing care anymore if you think he's elite top 5, top 10, top 50 or top 100, this is so subjective that it doesn't make any sense and it's totally not important. But we ALL agree that he should play better. And we ALL agree that we also have to be better everywhere else.

But as I keep mentioning for every young prospect we got, we need to give them the greatest chance to succeed and then if it doesn't work out, well let them have a try elsewhere. I thought that we had very good teams not that long ago. Yet, it didn't worked out. But he didn't have a whole lot of experience. Now he does. And now is the time to build a much better team, a team BUILD for the playoffs. If we do and he still doesn't pull it off, well we better acknowledge fast and move on and try to do the best deal possible. But we are so not there yet. Timmins might be Habs MVP....but Bergevin is so incredibly important RIGHT NOW.

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