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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
The problem I have with the reasoning I quoted is that the guy said you can't evaluate Price until we have a contender.

That's silly because a goalie can play well despite his team playing badly (Price in 2010), or bad despite his team playing well (2013).

And what's particularly stupid about that line of thinking is that once we have a real contender.. it will be the worse time to realize that our goaltender can't cut it in pressure situation.

I just don't get where the poster was coming from with that type of reasoning.

That said, I'm not for trading Price this summer. Not unless a really amazing offer presents itself and we have a good solution for his replacement... which would be a lot of work and uncertainty. No, Price will be the guy next season. We'll see what he can do. He gets another chance...
I dont know what to tell you I dont have any issues with your post I know Price let is softies this season but what Goalie doesnt, I also dont agree with this board that pretty much every goal that goes in on him especially the last 15 games of the season is a softie. Some of those goals were simply well placed shots I dont understand how this board expects shutouts.

Game 4 about 70% of ppl here say Price dropped the ball. I disagree completely he played amazing two goals that shouldnt have gone in. 1st kick in second a pathetic defensive display in front of the net ( Prust or MT blame one of them)

Finally after the Toronto game 3 goals on 4 shots. (All on price this game) The team stopped playing I cant even explain the difference in play it was a different team so his save percentage imploded I honestly did not expect it to stay at 914 after that terrible team took the ice for 2 weeks.

I liked his play before that he was being considered a vezina finalist by a lot of people and lost it as he should have after the last two weeks played by a completely different team I am not excluding him from this but he is not the reason the team played like crap.

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