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05-25-2013, 09:17 AM
How about 76 for 25?
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Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
Hmmm... I hate the Leafs as much as any team, but they didn't 'overachieve' any more than we did. The Habs are a better team thanks to better offensive depth and (usually) better goaltending, but the Leafs are a legit playoff team now.

Ottawa is interesting. So much weight was carried by Anderson and Alfredsson. Will the former be the same guy next year? Will the latter retire? And is Karlsson last year's Norris winner, or this past month's defensive liability? A toss-up whether this team becomes division contenders or remain around 7th.

Boston's window as a contending team is rapidly closing. It actually closed this season, but they've been running on adrenaline since game-seven against Toronto. The Bruins looked very, very average through the entire season. They looked good for three games against NY and will probably win the series, but going further in the playoffs will be a miracle. Every remaining team is MUCH better.
Leafs aren't a legit playoff team. And yes they overachieved just as much as we did this year. They were on of the worst teams in SA. They are TERRIBLE with the puck, they probably have one of the highest giveaways per game stat in the entire league.

They got in on the skin of Reimer's back essentially (outside of Kadri, Kessel, and Lupul). Does Kadri get 70 points in an 82-game season? Maybe, but time will tell.

Just watch the Nonis PC itself, he said EVERYONE is tradeable, but not everyone will be/can be. I think the same can be said for Montreal.

Ottawa's team is essentially half the AHL and half Karlsson, Spezza, Alfie, Michalek, Turris, Gonchar, Phillips, Latendresse (sucks), and Neil. They are going to be ahead of us I think for the next few years unless MB makes some fantastic moves or our prospects start developing pretty quick. Other than that, I think this is Boston's last year as real "Contenders" as they had a bad stretch like we did and almost lost in Game 7 to Toronto. Now, like you said, they're playing based on the fact that they're coming off a high from Round 1.

Detroit coming into the division next season should make things interesting. However, our team and the Leafs are not contenders yet or even a consistent playoff-making team. That, IMO, is the truth about those teams.

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