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Originally Posted by vadnais1972 View Post
Interesting stat but can we really judge the competition with preseason games? I also see that there's not a lot of games with the NHL's best from 74-79 Montreal, Boston, Philadelphia, Buffalo and the NY Islanders. The 1977 Habs would destroy any WHA team, and it's not even close.

I think a more interesting question would be this: How would the top WHA teams fare if they were playing against some average or below average teams from that era? Teams like Washington, Pittsburgh, California/Cleveland, St. Louis, Detroit, Vancouver, Minnesota, etc?
THAT is the question. While looking back it is easy to feel warm and fuzzy over the Habs and big bad bruins, the league had a fair share of inept Colorado Rockies, Washington Capitals and Cleveland Barons.
I feel confident stating that the Jets, Whalers, Nordiques and Aeros were better than the bottom rung teams in the nhl. Also, the top end Jets teams were better than the lower end playoff teams in the NHL as well as possibly a few more of the WHA teams in a given year could have at least hung with the Atlanta flames of the world.
The so called merger, which was in reality a **** and pillage and plunder by the NHL in exchange for the WHA teams coming in as an expansion teams was horrible, the jets had lost their Swedes but had retooled with the purchase of half the Aeros players after they folded, the Jets would have hit the league running, so would the Nordiques at the very least.
So, would a WHA team have hung with the dynasty Canadien team? No, don't be silly.
Could they have hung with at least the lower rung or middle rung clubs? Absolutely.

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