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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Problem I have with the constant luck argumentation is that it's always being brought up to explain our misfortune...but rarely brought up to explain our wins. Keep hearing how bad bounces are going against us...yet, the same bounces we end up having are either not talked about or put as "well it's about them we have those"....Makes no sense to me.

You say that not understanding luck might provoke knee jerk reactions....I'd say understanding luck too much might provoke too much staying put decisions....
I rather a patient approach than making decisions based on misunderstandings. We seen what poor decisions can do, it leads to giving good young players away for marginal returns, which ends up marginalizing our biggest asset, Trevor Timmins. We need a cautious but steady approach, we're approaching something big here imo. We have always been short on elite talent, we're making strides in that regard. I'd prefer a Dean Lombardi approach over a Paul Holmgren approach..

Add the pieces after the foundation is built, I think we finally have a competent management group to make the best of Trevor Timmins gifts. We've had the best amateur scouting in hockey for a decade and a management group that squandered it at every opportunity.

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